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Time to throw the doors back open!

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS - Is your bank balance FIT? Finally it’s time! Are you ready to fling the doors open and welcome your customers back in? YES you are! But, is your bank balance looking a little lean? After all that small business has been through recently, most likely. DO you have a plan to reverse that and get it looking healthy again? DO you have a plan for what to do if the doors get locked again? I want YOU to be ready to have a plan to keep your cash healthy. What’s a cash flow plan look like: * Create a 12-week plan * Allocate your expenses * Add your projected income * Look at the big picture and decide how to shift the needle Now - that is FOUR simple steps right, but you may be thinking at this stage, well how do I actually DO that? It all seems a bit hard. Well, don’t worry. This might sound hard, but it’s easy for me. I specialise in helping business owners with this sort of stuff, in fact I LOVE to do this… To help you I have put together a super easy template that does all the hard work for you. And some training for you to show you step by step exactly what to do Also, it’s totally free. So, here’s how to access the template and the training. Step 1: Send me a quick message and your template will be emailed out to you ASAP. Step 2: You can book with me for a Cash Flow Training Session where I can personally look at your results. Take care, Hayley

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