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At O2 bookkeeping we go beyond average bookkeeping services to help your business.


Our comprehensive suite of services are designed to meet the end to end needs of business owners. Our team uses the latest technology and internal controls to ensure the highest quality of service and our reputation speaks for itself. Our services fall into 4 categories, which are, Plan, Prioritise, Progress and Power. This is your customer journey with us.

Fresh Eyes on Your File

O2 bookkeeping is your Smarter Bookkeeping Solution and that’s why we’re passionate about this important planning service.  As Strategic Bookkeepers we developed this service to give business owners the insights they need to get clear on what’s next. 

There is no successful business owner who doesn’t know and use their numbers.  Fresh Eyes on Your File is the diagnostic service that will begin your journey towards improved cash, profit and lifestyle.

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Catch Up Bookkeeping

Are you receiving nasty letters & phone calls from the ATO? Then don’t delay. Pick up the phone & call us, we’ll handle your catch-up job & the ATO. O2 bookkeeping is a Bookkeeping Practice registered and insured with the Tax Practitioners Board as a licensed BAS agent.


We’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you, stressed out & losing sleep, in the dark about the numbers & just avoiding it all.


We're not just Bookkeepers, we're Strategic Bookkeepers.


Bookkeeping is a cost, Strategic Bookkeeping is an investment. It is a system we developed to help you optimise your business for profit & cash.

  • Your bookkeeping will be up to date at all times

  • We'll handle the ATO for you

  • You'll have a team of friendly experts available to you


Accounts Receivable

You're doing the work, you're creating the invoices but are you getting paid on time?

Having your Accounts Receivable in order is key to positive cash flow and cash is king!

O2 bookkeeping can help ensure your accounts receivable processes are streamlined, organised and automated.

With our fixed-price bookkeeping packages, you'll have a dedicated bookkeeper (and the support of a team) following up on your accounts receivable on a weekly basis.

Having your bookkeeper make the follow up calls can also reduce the stress associated with collections, our team is highly experienced to take care of this in a well-mannered professional way.


Accounts Payable

We'll help you handle your Accounts Payable with state of the art internal controls and systems.

  • Ensure business continuity 

  • Liaise with your Accounts Payable suppliers

  • Reconcile Accounts Payable supplier statements

  • Manage Accounts Payable supplier bank details within yout accounting software and your banking system

  • Create Accounts Payable aba (banking files) to pay your suppliers periodically

  • Load aba files in to your banking system at authorise payment


Financial Reporting

At O2 bookkeeping we understand the needs of business owners and the importance of providing timely and accurate financial reports.

There is no successful business owner who doesn't know and utilise their numbers.

Payroll & HR

Payroll & HR Solutions

With the introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) & Superannuation Charge, it is even more important than ever to get your Payroll and Super obligations 100% correct.

This includes awards, leave, accruals, entitlements, superannuation, termination pays, long service leave and more.

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